Sump pump repairs

Repairing a sump pump Luckily sump pumps don’t break too often but here we are going to focus on major problems which most likely will need professional help.  If you are concerned with smaller problems and how to deal with those you can Click Here to go to article on common sump pump problems and how… Read More »

Dealing With Sump Pump Problems

Sump pump problems Sump pump’s in general are an extremely dependable system.  The basic concept for how they operate has not changed in over 70 years.  The reason they haven’t changed is that they are extremely efficient and reliable to begin with. But problems still do arise with anything electronic.  Luckily there are a number… Read More »

Sump pump alarm’s

What is a sump pump alarm? A sump pump alarm is a device that is designed to warn you if something goes wrong with your system. A good sump pump is meant to do its job in the background without you even knowing it’s there. This sounds much better than the good old days when… Read More »

Water powered sump pumps

What is a water powered sump pump? During the worst of flood situations whether that is a storm, hurricane, torrential downpour, snow melt, river overflow etc.  It is very common for the power to go out. This happens for many reasons including the city turning off the power to keep people from getting injured, trees… Read More »

Useful sump pump buying information

Sump Pump Information Sump pumps have been the first line of defense against flooding for almost 100 years.  In this time very little of the basic underlying concepts have changed. But even though the basic premise is the same, there are still many different designs that you are going to find in the market. These… Read More »

Choosing the best sump pump battery backup

Why would a sump pump lose power? A sump pump itself is an electrical device which is used to empty the sump pit whenever the water table rises  over a certain point.  A backup battery system is an emergency power source to keep the pump going in the event of power loss. Now when you think… Read More »

Sump pump installation

Sump pump installation basics As you should all know by now a sump pump is mainly used to keep your home dry in the event of a flood.  Here we will focus on installation of your new pump but first we will go through a few basic components which the full system is comprised of. The… Read More »

Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems

What is a backup battery system? In the world of home ownership the backup battery plays an integral role in keeping your investment safe. Sump pump battery backup systems are pieces of equipment which can either be set up by the homeowner as a sort of insurance plan protecting yourself against the likelihood of power… Read More »

Submersible sump pump

What does a submersible sump pump do? Submersible pumps are pumps that are placed in a pit or “sump” and when this pit fills with water from storms, melting snow, rain, natural groundwater etc.  The pump will automatically pump the water away from the home or building. Basically a sump pump is installed in a… Read More »

Wayne Sump Pump

Basement floods Asides from a full blown fire, there is nothing more harmful or devastating for a house than a flood. Sadly, floods are extremely normal and can happen as frequently as once a month depending on where you live. Unless you live in a very dry area on top of a hill the chances of… Read More »